Why Choose Mr Harriss As Your Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon?

What Does Mr Harriss Give You That Others May Not

vasectomy reversal surgeonMr Harriss provides 20 years experience of microsurgical vasectomy reversals. Being a consultant urological surgeon, he also brings with that substantial operating experience to ensure that your surgery is performed at the highest standard.

Mr Harriss only operates from the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham. This is a proper, private hospital with all the departments you would find in a NHS hospital. If you need any sudden additional care, there are ready specialists available to help you.

Mr Harriss’s extensive experience  is reflected in his high success rates.


Why Are These Aspects Important?

vasectomy reversal expertMr Harriss is a qualified specialist surgeon. This is why he is a “Mister” and not a “Doctor”. He trained for 15 years before he could become a consultant so he has the best part of 30 years of surgical experience.

Mr Harriss , as your vasectomy reversal surgeon is employed by the NHS AND is on the Specialist register. This matters because it means that he is monitored for fitness to practice by the rigorous NHS process and has the specialist urological knowledge to match.

Mr Harriss is a consultant urological surgeon specialising in microsurgical vasectomy reversals and therefore is highly knowledgeable about reversing a vasectomy and the male reproductive system. He does not provide a fertility clinic so he cannot provide pregnancy rates. To do so would imply that he had had provided care for the partners.

Mr Harriss can perform surgery as expected and also if the anatomy shows up something unexpected. This means that you do not run the risk of having a non-surgeon not being able to complete your surgery, as some of our redo-patients have experienced.

Mr Harriss can perform surgery under a general anaesthetic as he can perform microsurgical vasectomy reversals in a hospital, with the backup of other specialist services should they be required. Hospital care will always be superior to GP clinic care, as some of our redo-patients have experienced.