Why Choose Duncan Harriss’s Vasectomy Reversal UK Clinic?

Duncan HarrissYour Vasectomy Reversal UK Clinic in Nottingham run by Duncan Harriss DM FRCS (Urol) is one of the busiest Vasectomy Reversal clinics in the UK. There are many surgeons offering a vasectomy reversal service, but how can you work out who to go to, and what information you need. Here are some important points to assist you.

How Many Vasectomy Reversal Opertions Does The Surgeon Actually Perform?

In order for any surgeon to stay skilled at performing an operation, it is vital that he/she performs a particular procedure on a regular basis. Mr Harriss performs between 15 and 20 every week.
As one of the busiest vasectomy reversal surgeons and a recognised expert in performing vasectomy reversals in the UK, Duncan Harriss was recently interviewed by Gaby Logan on Radio 5 Live which can be heard here. He was the only vasectomy reversal surgeon to participate on the programme alongside the GP, Dr Hilary Jones.

Does Mr Harriss really perform all the vasectomy reversals himself?

Yes, Mr Harriss works with a dedicated team comprising nursing staff, theatre staff, Bev and Catherine but he is the only surgeon and he performs every vasectomy reversal himself.
Mr Harriss is not associated with any other clinic or clinician.

What Are The Results From These Vasectomy Reversals?

Audit of operation outcomes is a necessary part of constant evaluation. Duncan Harriss performs an internal audit of his vasectomy reversal operations and for the last three years, the success of men who have had their vasectomy reversal 10 years of less since their original vasectomy, has been constant at 92%.  Do ask your surgeon for their own personal results which any successful clinic should be pleased to provide.
We list many sperm results on our facebook page: age, time since vasectomy and amount of sperm. You do not need an account to visit the page.

What Are Other People’s Experiences?

Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic does not seek testimonials. People write to us to send their gratitude and we are delighted to hear from them. Our long list of testimonials does relate that we do offer a successful service and that people feel they have received care and professionalism from all they meet.

Why Charge More?

The vasectomy reversal cost charged through Mr Harriss’s clinic is designed to be as fair as possible whilst reflecting an expert level of skill.

Whilst it is understood that the decision to have a vasectomy reversal is very emotional, it is equally understood that the operation itself is priced differently from surgeon to surgeon around the country.

At the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic, the price policy is clear: to offer excellent value that comes from an expert surgeon at one of the leading vasectomy reversal clinics in the UK.



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