Vasectomy Reversal Success Stories

vasectomy reversal success storiesThe “Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic” Success Stories


Knowing what has happened to other people is very important.

Knowing that others have had the type of success that you are also looking forward to, is also really very important.

Knowing that there are people like you who have had success with Mr Harriss, helps you to realise that Mr Harriss could help you too.

We appreciate that you start your enquiries by looking all over the internet for information that might be able ┬áto help you and assist you in finding the right surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal. There are so many things to learn and to take in. Therefore reading about other people’s vasectomy reversal success stories can help you build up a picture of Mr Harriss, his surgical ability and his results. These up-to-date testimonials and their regularity indicate that Mr Harriss is highly respected and here to help.


The date and the quantity indiciate to you that Mr Harriss is regularly receiving correspondence from people who have attended the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic and had a positive experience and/or a positive outcome.

We have received so much feedback from grateful people that we now have our testimonials grouped as follows:

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Feefo reviews – so that you know that what we say is true, and that we are reproducing exactly what people say, we have recently joined forces with Feefo, an independent review company who also seek feedback.


All our vasectomy reversal success stories are true and are kept on file.