Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates

vasectomy reversal success ratesWe Audit Our Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates

We have just completed another audit (June 2017) and are delighted to present you with our best vasectomy reversal success rates.  Having had so many pregnancies and positive results, we were pretty sure that our results were improving and here they are below.

To keep up to date with our results and pregnancies, we post all of them on our Facebook page so that everyone can see that Mr Harriss does what he says he does.

Mr Harriss’s results are in line with recent publications in the British Journal of Urology and supportive of successful vasectomy reversal as a method of conceiving compared to the costlier ICSI which is more invasive. As well, having a vasectomy reversal is a much more fun way to conceive a child!

Our Best Vasectomy Reversal Results (June 2017):

If it is 3 months to 7 years since your vasectomy, and you are aged 30 or less, our success rate is 98%

If it is up to 10 years since your vasectomy for all ages, then our success rate is at least 90%

If it is 11 to 20 years since your vasectomy, then our success rate is at least 80%

If it is 21 years to 30 years since your vasectomy, then our success rate is at least 50%

Important notes:

These results are made all the more special as Mr Harriss has never not been able to perform a vasectomy reversal due to how the vasectomy was originally performed.

None of these results include pregnancies. We have many examples of pregnancies that occurred within the first three months for men and who therefore chose NOT to have a semen analysis.

The figures are based on both sides being micro surgically rejoined.

We aim for transparency with our vasectomy reversal success rates so we post them on facebook together with the many testimonials we receive.

Mr Harriss’s technique allows many people the opportunity to have an excellent chance of a successful vasectomy reversal in a highly respected hospital (BMI The Park Hopsital) with high standards of care.

Over time, it is understandable that through performing such a large number of microsurgical vasectomy reversals (over 3000 at the last count), Mr Harriss is constantly perfecting his method.