Vasectomy Reversal Finance

Bmi cardOur Vasectomy Reversal Finance Option

Mr Harriss is the leading vasectomy reversal surgeon for the BMI Healthcare network of 59 private hospitals all over the UK. Whilst Mr Harriss only operates at the BMI Park Hospital, you can take advantage of the finance plan for your vasectomy reversal provided by the BMI Healthcare network.


NB We Provide 12 Months Interest Free Credit

BMI Payment Plan Card (Finance)

The BMI Payment Plan Card needs to be applied for at the point of booking of the vasectomy reversal, if you would like to use this finance option to pay for your vasectomy reversal. There needs to be about 4 weeks between the date you book and your vasectomy reversal booking. If there is a shorter period of time between booking and your surgery date, please contact us.

The BMI Card is a unique credit card that allows you to spread the cost of health care. It is a credit assessed option but one where you (having the surgery) do not have to take out the card: if your partner or a family member has a better credit rating, then they can take out the card on your behalf.

The plan starts with a 12 month period of 0% finance after which the remaining balance incurrs a 9.9% APR.

The BMI Payment Plan Card has:

  • Twelve months’ interest-free credit
  • A minimum payment each month of 5% of the total balance – which to start with is around £199.75 for the first month if you pay the full amount with the BMI Payment Plan Card.
  • An interest rate of 9.9% APR after 12 months. This equals 0.79% per month ( e.g. £7.90 per month per £1000 outstanding)
  • The credit agency Call Credit is used to make the assessment of your financial situation. You can get an idea of your credit rating by using the free credit checker called Noddle, available here. If you obtain 540 points, there is a chance you will be successful but not for all the money. If you obtain 560 points or more, then there is a good chance that you will obtain all the money to pay for your vasectomy reversal.
  • The BMI does have the right to refuse any application at its absolute discretion.

NB. With your permission, BMI Healthcare will contact your bank or building society, which must be inside the European Union, for a reference and to confirm your name and address.


So how does this card work?

When you are accepted, you are given a card with a unique number. When it is time to pay for your vasectomy reversal, you use this card to make the payment. Then between 2 and 6 weeks later, depending on which day of the month you have your surgery (the statements are always issued on the same day on the middle of the month, every month) you will be asked to make a payment when you receive your statement. This will be the first payment towards paying off the full sum.


How have people used this card?

Here are some examples of how we know that people have used the card to pay for their vasectomy reversal.

Scenario 1: They have savings but they are tied into a a 3 month access clause (or something similar) so they make a couple of minimum payments and then pay off the rest using savings in month 3.

Scenario 2: They don’t have any savings but they have a good income every month so they split the balance (after the initial £500 required at booking) into 12 payments of £199.75 each.

Scenario 3: They have no savings and earn a reasonable amount every month so they pay the maximum they can afford every month to make use of the 12 months of 0% interest and then find they have paid off the majority during this time and so it is not long, with the small rate of interest before they pay off the whole amount.


Can I use the BMI card to pay for a separate consultation?

If you are having a separate consultation, with Mr Harriss prior to the date of the procedure, then a fee of £200 will be required to be paid at the consultation in cash or by cheque. It will not be possible to use the BMI Payment Plan Card for this fee. 

If you decide to meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal surgery on the same day, then after an initial deposit of £500 at the point of booking, you can pay for the balance with the BMI Payment Plan Card.

If you wish to apply for a BMI card, please contact us here or you can ring us on 0115 837 0300.

If you are concerned about the financing of the cost of a vasectomy reversal operation, please do contact Bev or Catherine as we can talk things through with you. Please do either ring us on 0115 837 0300 (daytime) or 0800 559 3922 (evening or weekend) or contact us via email.