Vasectomy Reversal Cost

Vasectomy Reversal Cost Is More Affordable Than You May Think

There are many reasons you may be considering having your vasectomy reversed. It can be due to a new family or simply changing your mind. If you have considered having your vasectomy reversed, you may be wondering about vasectomy reversal cost and if you can afford it. It is actually more affordable than you may think due to the operation being all-inclusive.

What this means is that you do not pay extra for things other places may charge such as credit card use, a deposit, hidden costs, or VAT chargeable.

The fixed price of £2681 (US dollars = $4082 and euros = €3144) includes the surgeon’s fee and your accommodation and nursing care at the BMI Park Hospital. You won’t pay extra for a face to face meeting with Mr Harriss nor will you pay for the Anaesthetist’s fees. There is a three month semen analysis included as well as unforeseen treatment up to 28 days later. Everything that you need is included in the price so you know up front what you have to pay.

The great thing is that you can pay in a variety of ways: credit card, debit card or even use the BMI Card. This is a convenient way to get your vasectomy reversal and make payments on it if you use a credit card.

Even a vasectomy reversal and a vasectomy reversal re-do are the same price.

So if you are considering having your vasectomy reversed, why not go to Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic UK where you know exactly what you’re paying upfront and without extra charges! If you want to learn more then simply contact us so we can be of help.

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