Vasectomy Reversal Anaesthetic

Advanced vasectomy reversal anaestheticThe Vasectomy Reversal Anaesthetic

Your vasectomy reversal anaesthetic is important. Mr Harriss only performs microsurgical vasectomy reversal under a general anaesthetic. It is a modern anaesthetic that enables you to fall asleep quickly and to wake up feeling that you have had a deep sleep. By performing this technically challenging surgery under the influence of a general anaesthetic, Mr Harriss can ensure the following:

  • that you are totally oblivious to anything
  • that you do not have to endure the pain or discomfort of local anaesthetic into sensitive areas
  • that you have only one incision
  • that if your internal anatomy poses an unknown challenge, Mr Harriss has the surgical skills, being a consultant urological surgeon, to perform the technically challenging surgery required to ensure your reversal continues
  • that Mr Harriss won’t just do one side*
  • that you have very powerful painkillers, enabled by the general anaesthetic, so you wake up without pain
  • that you are cared for by a skilled multi-discplinary team
  • that should something go wrong, you are in  the best place, a hospital, to be cared for
  • that you will be discharged when ready, and not before as the hospital is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is Mr Harriss’s opinion that microsurgical vasectomy reversals are only conducted under a local anaesthetic should the building not be a hospital, such as a GP clinic and not have general anaesthetic certification, or if the surgeon is not actually a fully qualified surgeon.

The chance of success will always be better under a general anaesthetic.

* In over 4000 vasectomy reversals, a few men have had a missing vas deferens on one side which is a known congenital abnormality.

 For those who are concerned, we can arrange for a chat with the anaesthetist, Dr Matthews who is very experienced, to reassure you.

I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure and the general anaesthetic. For all those men, who may also be worried or apprehensive about having a vasectomy reversal, let me say that The Park Hospital is the place to be! I needn’t have worried at all, the staff were all wonderful and put me at ease. The general anaesthetic was actually a pleasant experience! One moment I was awake, and then I wasn’t! May 2013, R.R.

Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic Advanced Anaesthetic

Due to the high number of men attending Mr Harriss’s Vasectomy Reversal Clinic, an advanced method of anaesthetic has been developed. Our aim is to make the operation as pain free as possible.  We have recently assessed our success using a pain score questionnaire as follows:


Pre-vasectomy reversal:

10% of men reported mild discomfort BEFORE the procedure (i.e. caused by the vasectomy).  This has been reported in other series.


After Vasectomy Reversal Anaesthetic:

No patient complained of pain in the 24 hour period after the reversal.  28% reported mild discomfort.  Interestingly the 10% of men who had pre-operative testicular pain all reported that the pain had disappeared post operatively.

The vasectomy reversal cost includes this Advanced Vasectomy Reversal Anaesthetic.

I have been home nearly 2 weeks now after having my operation and have had no pain what so ever

I am very happy with the expert treatment I received from both you and your team especially the anaesthetist, Dr Mathews, (possibly the best I’ve had for many a year). I can honestly say that for the time I was at the hospital I suffered no pain or discomfort at all and had a blissful sleep whilst being operated on with no after effects at all.

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