cost for vasectomy reversal

Understanding the Cost for Vasectomy Reversal

Many men who choose to have a vasectomy performed may end up changing their mind later in life. However, due to the complexity of a vasectomy reversal, it often has a lot more costs to consider than a typical vasectomy. By learning more about the cost for vasectomy reversal, budgeting for the costs associated with the procedure should be achievable.

Balance Cost with Coverage and Expectations

In most instances, unlike a typical vasectomy, vasectomy reversals are not covered by health insurance. The expertise of the surgeon is also paramount, since their abilities tend to reflect on your personal chances of conception post surgery. According to Ask Men, “Vasectomy reversal is not usually covered by insurance. Prices vary, and can cost as much as £7,000; beginning at around £2,500. It’s important to gather success stories from your surgeon before you choose who will perform the procedure. So, you’ll want to know how many vasectomy reversals actually worked.” When speaking with the surgeon ask questions such as the frequency at which they perform vasectomy reversal surgery, what the possibilities of complications are and the percentage of past patients that were able to conceive after surgery.

Know your Options

A vasectomy reversal can be simple if there is no blockage in the passage way for sperm. However, the longer that is waited for the procedure to be completed, the higher the chances that a vasoepididymostomy will be necessary. This procedure is much more complicated, thus driving up the associated costs. An option that many men elect to take in case the reversal doesn’t lead to conception is to have the surgeon take a sample of their semen and freeze it cryogenically. This sample can then be used via a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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