Cost For Vasectomy Reversal

There’s No Need To Be Concerned About The Cost For Vasectomy Reversal

We’ve talked to many patients who have visited other surgeons to inquire about vasectomy reversal procedures, and the answers they received regarding the cost were very vague. In our opinion, there shouldn’t be any problem disclosing the cost for vasectomy reversal. That’s why we have a strict policy that states that any patient who comes to us for vasectomy reversal will pay one flat cost of £2681.

Special Circumstances

We see a lot of patients with special circumstances come through our office. Some of our patients have had surgeons attempt the procedure without success for one reason or another. We’ve seen other patients who visited another clinic and were told that they have had a completed procedure, only to find out later that it wasn’t complete at all. These special circumstances require special consideration, which is why we do not charge any more money for vasectomy reversals for these types of patients. We believe that patients who fit into these categories have possibly been through a lot of pain from finding out that the procedure wasn’t completed. It’s our pleasure to finish their reversals, and we don’t charge any extra money to do so. In addition to that, those patients are thrilled when they find out that our surgeon, Mr Harriss, has a 100% success rate in finishing vasectomy reversals that other surgeons could not.

No Financial Surprises

When visiting other clinics, some of our patients were surprised when they arrived for their surgeries and found out that they were going to be charged extra fees. These fees might be for anaesthesia or a host of other hidden costs that patients weren’t told about when they had their initial consultation. When you choose Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic you won’t uncover any hidden fees later on. In fact, your surgery includes:

  • Your accommodations
  • Your anaesthetic and fees
  • Your surgeon’s fees
  • Your 3-month semen analysis
  • Your consultation with Mr Harriss
  • Treatment for any problems or infections up to 28 days after the surgery

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about vasectomy reversal surgery. If you’d like to schedule your appointment, or if you have other questions you’d like answered, please contact us today.

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