The Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

In 1998, Mr Duncan Harriss started the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic. Over time, every year, more and more couples have come to see him to have their vasectomy reversed. As word spreads that the operation is possible, and with Mr Harriss performing it, there is a high chance of success, more and more people attend. As a clinic, we provide information and results so that you can see that the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic does what it says it does.


Why Others Have Come to the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic? 3 Main Reasons

First Reason

vasectomy reversal clinicThe Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic has high success rates: Mr Harriss audits his vasectomy reversal results and over time, they are improving. Up to 20 years after your vasectomy, the chances of success are very much in your favour. Many people come to us saying that their GP has said that the operation carries such a small chance of success and they shouldn’t bother. This is because GPs are trained to say that a vasectomy is an irreversible procedure. Mr Harriss’s experience is different because he performs around 15 microsurgical vasectomy reversals every week. As Mr Harriss performs so many, his results improve.

We have other people saying that they have visited a local surgeon who has quoted a very low success rate in contrast to our success rates. Our response is simple. If someone does not perform  a vasectomy reversal regularly, they will be inexperienced and most likely not have the experience to say what their results are. If there are no published results available, then perhaps they are not experienced in performing vasectomy reversals.


Second Reason

Mr Harriss is a surgeon, not a GP. He completed the rigorous and challenging surgical training spanning 15 years before being appointed a consultant urological surgeon at one of the UK’s leading medical teaching hospitals, Nottingham in 1997.vasectomy reversal surgeon

  • He is employed by the NHS (as all surgeons should be) as a Consultant Urological Surgeon,
  • He is on the Specialist medical register at the GMC because he has successfully completed his FRCS (Urol) qualification
  • His training and subsequent experience means that he is a very experienced surgeon
  • Your surgery can take place under a general anaesthetic meaning more powerful painkillers, and more technically challenging surgery being completed. Not every vasectomy reversal is the same.


Third Reason

vasectomy reversal reviewsThe Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic prides itself on providing everyone with a high standard of care for a fixed price. It matters to us that information is given and understood. We are here to help and our reviews indicate that all the staff involved with caring and administration, try their best for all.

Feedback via Feefo, the independent review company has led to us winning a Gold award in 2018.

Mr Harriss is renowned for his kind bedside manner and for being approachable. The ward staff are friendly and Bev and the rest of the team do their best to make sure that all information is given via emails and post. We have over 700 testimonials to support this.