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The Best Vasectomy Reversal Post-Operative Practices

It’s hard to predict the future. That’s why for those who choose to have a vasectomy and later decide that, indeed, they do want children, we offer vasectomy reversal procedures. There are some activities that are necessary to avoid just after the procedure and adhering to these guidelines can have a significant effect on the success of your vasectomy reversal. To foster the best vasectomy reversal conditions for the post-operative period, we suggest the following guidelines.

Avoid heat

We suggest applying a maleable ice pack, like a bag of frozen peas, to the scrotal area for a day or two after the procedure. While keeping the area cool is vital, it’s also a good idea to avoid heat to the scrotum in general to help with fertility. One common source of lap heat is from a computer, so if you often use your laptop on your lap, consider purchasing a lap platform that includes cooling fans. In the days after the vasectomy reversal, you should avoid using your laptop on your lap entirely.

Avoid excessive activity

Excessive activity, in this case, even includes walking for long periods of time. Sitting for hours on end also isn’t recommended. Keep in mind that you want to keep the area cool and clean with good air circulation and clean bandages. We don’t recommend any strenuous lifting or exercising for about a month. Importantly, this includes straddling activities like horseback riding or bicycling.

No aspirin

For most of our clients, there is some mild to moderate pain after the procedure. Motrin and ibuprofen, as well as any prescription narcotic painkillers are recommended, but aspirin might induce or increase bleeding, so we suggest avoiding aspirin.

No bathing

You’re going to want to avoid baths or swimming for a few weeks until the incision has healed completely. This is to prevent infection.

No ejaculation

We strongly recommend that you avoid any sex or ejaculation for a couple of weeks to let the incision heal. Then we’ll ask that you come back for a follow-up appointment to check how the incision is healing and after about two weeks, you’ll be encouraged to ejaculate regularly, both to increase sperm production and encourage normal evacuation.

Dietary suggestions

Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and drugs can all have negative effects on fertility. Steroids, especially, can reduce sperm count. While these things aren’t necessarily going to change the recovery conditions after the vasectomy reversal procedure, they might negatively influence fertility so we strongly recommend against them. Steroids are a special case because they can slow the healing process by suppressing natural immune responses.

Take all your antibiotics

Whenever you’re prescribed antibiotics, it’s important to take all of them until they’re gone. If you’re fighting a small infection and you take antibiotics for only a short period of time, killing off the most susceptible bacteria, but then stop taking the antibiotics, what you create is a condition that fosters the replication of bacteria that are more resistant to antibiotics. This can actually end up leading to a worse infection, so remember to finish all your antibiotics.

For more information about post-operative tips, suggestions, and instructions, feel free to contact us. We can suggest ways to help you prepare for your post-operative days so the entire experience is as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

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