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Can A Vasectomy Be Reversed

How Can A Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Many men decide to get a vasectomy when they are young due to being unable to afford the cost of having a child or simply because they prefer to avoid the situation until later in life. However, this leaves many men (and their female partners) asking the question, “can a vasectomy be reversed?” A vasectomy […]

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can a vasectomy be reversed

You May Never Have Thought You’d be Asking the Question: “Can a Vasectomy be Reversed?”

Many men come to us each year in search of an answer to this very important question. After all, vasectomy is known as the ultimate birth control, right? If you are wondering, can a vasectomy be reversed, in most cases the answer is yes. You may have thought that your child fathering days were over, and […]

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