Improve Sperm Health

Strategies to Improve Sperm Health

Few aspects are more important for conception than the health of a male’s sperm. With how small the odds of conception are with healthy and motile sperm, sperm which are not at their top level of performance can exponentially decrease the time it takes for the process of conception to occur.

Avoid Environmental Toxins At All Costs

Environmental toxins in the food we eat, water we drink and the air we breath can all affect sperm health. A large amount of toxins are also found in less thought of sources, such as consumer products. Make a daily effort to reduce the amount of toxins that your body is exposed to. This may mean eating organic foods, distilling the water you drink (filtration doesn’t eliminate soluble toxins, such as Fluorine and Chlorine) and reducing the usage of consumer products containing toxins, such as canned goods or soap. A leading example of such a toxin is BPA (Bisphenol A), which is found in plastics used for canned goods and drinking water bottles. This toxin is a double edged sword, since it is suspected of decreasing fertility in both males and females.

Exercise on A Daily Basis

An easy way to improve sperm health is to reduce the time you spend slouching on the computer or watching TV and instead making the effort to exercise. According to NPR, “Men who watched 20 or more hours of TV per week had a sperm concentration 44 percent lower than those who watched almost no TV. On the other hand, men who exercised more than 14 hours per week had a sperm concentration 73 percent higher than men who exercised less than five hours per week.” However, it may be a good idea to avoid bicycling, since this particular form of exercise has raised fertility concerns for males. The scientific reasoning behind this phenomenon is the fact that exercise increases the body’s resistance to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the result of free radical formation, which damage the germ cells responsible for sperm production.

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