Improve Sperm Health

Strategies to Improve Sperm Health for Increased Chances of Conception

Sperm health is an essential aspect when it comes to conception. Reduced sperm health can cause a lower sperm count and lower the chances of sperm reaching the egg, making conception longer and reducing the possibility of causing fertilisation during the brief available window during the menstrual cycle. By learning how to improve sperm health through actions such as reducing stress, improving nutrition and considering the rate of sex, achieving conception should be achievable in no time at all.

Reduce Stress on A Daily Basis

Reducing stress is essential for increasing sperm count. Some easy ways to accomplish this are moderate exercise, getting at least eight hours of sleep a night and avoiding excessively long days at the office. Other strategies include massage and deep breathing. However, make sure to avoid consumption of alcohol or other drugs, as these can lower sperm count and make them sluggish.

Implement A Sound Diet

A diet full of the essential and non-essential amino acids complemented by a multivitamin is always helpful. For sperm health specifically, it has been shown scientifically that increasing consumption of carrots can measurably increase sperm health. One of the easiest ways to obtain such an antioxidant is through the consumption of beta-carotene found in carrots. According to Mail Online, “Antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals, destructive groups of atoms that are a by-product of metabolism and can damage cell membranes and DNA. Sweet potato and melon can enhance the quantity and quality of sperm, but carrots were found to improve sperm performance by between 6.5 and 8 per cent, according to a report in the journal Fertility and Sterility.”

Have Sex Strategically

For those who have a high sperm count, having sex at least once a day is recommended to increase the chances of conception. On the other hand, those with a lower sperm count should only have sex once every two days and avoid masturbation to help maintain a viable sperm cell level. It is also possible to utilise a fertility test strip, which helps indicate when a female is most likely to be able to conceive.

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