Saving Sperm

saving spermSaving Sperm Is Recommended at 3 Months

3 months after you have had your vasectomy reversal, you are eligible to have the post-op analysis of your semen. Mr Harriss always advises that positive sperm samples should be followed up with saving sperm.

Saving sperm can take place at CARE Fertility by appointment only. This means that you would need to return there for a second visit after your initial post -op sperm analysis. CARE Fertility is run by world expert Dr Simon Fishel and the building in Nottingham is the only CARE Fertility centre to have the purpose made suite for providing sperm.

Why not have sperm taken during the reversal?

Mr Harriss does not recommend that sperm is aspirated during your vasectomy reversal. This is because there is a risk of damaging the tubes that are being attached toegether. In fact, research has shown that it is much better to focus on the operation and then store sperm when a positive result is found at 3 months.

The Process.

These are the steps that are necessary to have your sperm saved:

1. Blood tests

Blood tests are required to test for the presence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. These are a requirement of the HFEA (Human Fertility & Embryology Authority) as there are strict rules controlling the safety of storing sperm, eggs and embryos.

The blood tests can be taken through your local GP or through CARE Fertility in Nottingham. If you do plan to have the samples taken at CARE then you need to arrange an appointment to have them taken PRIOR to the time when you envisage providing a sample for storage. To clarify, the blood tests take place on a different day to when you give the sample.

If you would like to make an appointment to have your bloods taken with a view to saving your sperm, you will need to ring 0115 852 8100.

If you have your bloods taken by your GP, the results will need to be sent to CARE Fertility, PRIOR to your appointment.

2. Meeting with Embryologist

After arriving for your pre-arranged appointment with CARE Fertility to save your sperm, you will meet with an Embryologist who will consent and check that you have had your up-to-date blood results for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

You will then be asked to produce a sample in an identical way to when you had your 3 month post-op sperm analysis which is frozen immediately.

Costs of Sperm Saving

If you require CARE Fertility to test you for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV, then this will cost £113.

  • To store your sperm for 3 years                                           £370
  • The consultancy fees for the embryologist                          £50

Total ( including having bloods taken at CARE Fertility)        £533

Total (excluding bloods having had them taken elsewhere )         £420

The frozen sperm sample can be transported to other fertility clinics if required at an additional cost.

The telephone number to make an appointment to save your sperm is 0115 852 8100.