is a vasectomy reversible

Question: Is A Vasectomy Reversible?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering: Is a vasectomy reversible?

If you’re like many of the patients or their partners who contact us, you might be feeling like your hopes of achieving pregnancy will never come to fruition, if you’ve had a vasectomy. Those thoughts can be very saddening to you, as well as to your family. Fortunately, we have a great answer to your question.

Yes!  Vasectomy is reversible.

Vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure that, quite often, results in complete success. Every patient is different, and each surgery is unique. However, in most cases, Mr Harriss, who is the surgeon performing the surgeries with us, is able to successfully reconnect both vasa deferentia, making you fertile, once more!

At Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic, we understand that your life circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. Even if you had your vasectomy performed recently and have decided it was something you shouldn’t have done, we can help you. We are not selective at all, as far as which patients we choose to help and which we don’t. Your fertility is important to you, and it’s important to us. If you’re seeking a vasectomy reversal, we can perform it for you.

You’ll be delighted to know that each month we get reports from our former patients that they’ve been able to achieve pregnancy with their partners. These couples are finding great success in their vasectomy reversal results, and we’d like to offer you the same opportunity. It’s normal to have questions about the procedure and what you can expect after surgery has been completed. You’ll find many of the answers to your questions right on our website. Our dedicated staff are also available to offer you support and assistance.

Isn’t it exciting to know that your fertility can be preserved, and your vasectomy can be reversed? If you’d like to discuss the procedure further, or if you’d like to make an appointment, contact us today.

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