The 3 Month Sperm Analysis

All Mr Harriss’s patients have included in the price of their vasectomy reversal, a postop analysis of their sperm at the BMI Park Hospital’s affiliated clinic, CARE Fertility, Nottingham.


NB. Please ONLY fill in this form if you are due to have your post-op analysis, that is 3 months has passed since your operation.

What Is CARE Fertility?

CARE Fertility is a fertlity clinic based in Nottingham and led by Dr Simon Fishel, a world expert in infertility. The premises for CARE were purpose built for the many thousands of patients they see every year.

Why CARE Fertility for Sperm Analysis?

CARE Fertility have state of the art facilities for sperm analysis and use the World Health Organisation and the Kruger guidelines (which are detailed on the Sperm Analysis page on our site) for analysing the semen sample.

Do they have facilities for providing sperm samples?

Yes they do, and they are designed to put you at your ease. They are used to having men provide samples and so they have designed their facilities to suit. Your privacy and comfort is very important.

Where is CARE Fertility?

CARE Fertility is based a short distance from the M1, junction 26. Click here to view the map.

I heard that CARE has other locations, can I go to another Care Clinic Instead?

All sperm analysis is conducted at the CARE Fertility Nottingham clinic only. It is not possible for this service to be provided elsewhere I’m afraid.

I live far away, can I stay nearby?

Yes, you can. The Belfry Hotel, Nottingham is across the car park (virtually) and offers preferential rates for people attending CARE Fertility. Tel: 0115 973 9393

When will I get my results?

The results are always sent through to Mr Harriss so that he is not only aware of them, but can write to you explaining what they mean. Usually it will take around 24 hours, except over the weekend for the results to come through after the sample is provided. So a friday appointment would mean that the results would be sent through to the BMI Park on the following Monday. Mr Harriss will then comment on them when he is next in clinic so your letter discussing your results should come a few working days after you have provided your sample.

How do I arrange my appointment?

All appointments require registration with CARE Fertility FIRST. Please complete the Registration form below for your convenience.

This will be sent to CARE Fertility directly.

We will contact you via email or text to confirm that your registration is complete. This takes around 3-5 days.

Testimonial: February 2012: I travelled to Nottingham yesterday for the semen analysis. CARE were really great. The receptionist and the nurse there were both so helpful, and you were made to feel very comfortable…


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