Vasectomy Reversal Recovery

Have Questions About Vasectomy Reversal Recovery

We hear from many people every day who are considering vasectomy reversal. While several of them have concerns about the procedure itself, there are quite a few who wonder the most about the recovery period following surgery. Perhaps you have a few questions as well. If so, we’d like to take some time and address […]

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Can The Snip Be Reversed

Question: Can The Snip Be Reversed?

If your partner has had a vasectomy, you might be wondering, can the snip be reversed? There’s good news for you, and your chances of continuing to grow your family! Yes, it can! Making the choice to have a vasectomy is a big decision, and it’s not often a procedure that’s sought out without a lot […]

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vasectomy reversal

The Best Vasectomy Reversal Post-Operative Practices

It’s hard to predict the future. That’s why for those who choose to have a vasectomy and later decide that, indeed, they do want children, we offer vasectomy reversal procedures. There are some activities that are necessary to avoid just after the procedure and adhering to these guidelines can have a significant effect on the […]

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Vasectomy Reversal Success

Vasectomy Reversal Success: The Odds Are In Your Favour

Making the decision to add to your family is a big deal; and it’s even bigger when you factor in contemplating vasectomy reversal. When we talk to our patients about their odds of conceiving after having their surgery, they always want to know what our rates are for vasectomy reversal success. We’re excited to tell […]

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low cost vasectomy reversal

Low Cost Vasectomy Reversal: Your Questions Answered

One of the questions we frequently get from our patients is, “How much does a vasectomy cost?” The worry is that the procedure will be too expensive, thereby making their dreams of adding to their family continue to be only dreams. At Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic, we offer low cost vasectomy reversal, so you won’t […]

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