vasectomy reversal testimonials

4 Good Reasons To Read Vasectomy Reversal Testimonials

Mr Harriss has received many testimonials over the years of performing micro-surgical vasectomy reversals. Many people that approach our centre are concerned about their chances of success, we provide a wealth of testimonials to give examples of our patient’s success stories. They have all been written from people who wanted to say thank you, none […]

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cost for vasectomy reversal

Understanding the Cost for Vasectomy Reversal

Many men who choose to have a vasectomy performed may end up changing their mind later in life. However, due to the complexity of a vasectomy reversal, it often has a lot more costs to consider than a typical vasectomy. By learning more about the cost for vasectomy reversal, budgeting for the costs associated with the […]

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best vasectomy reversal

3 Reasons To Choose Us As The Best Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

If you’re considering having another child, and you opted for a vasectomy in the past, you’re probably wondering how you should go about choosing the best vasectomy reversal clinic. We might be a little bit partial, but in our opinion, we’re the best clinic in the U.K., and our surgeon, Mr Harriss is the best surgeon to […]

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Long Distance Travel For Vasectomy Reversal

The success that Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic has experienced is exciting, and it means that we frequently get calls from people all over the world who want to travel to the U.K. to meet with Mr Duncan Harriss. They’ve heard about his high success rates, and they want to ensure that a successful surgeon performs […]

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How Much Is A Vasectomy Reversal

How Much Is A Vasectomy Reversal?

If you’ve been thinking about adding another child (or more) to your family, and you’ve had a vasectomy in the past, you might be wondering, how much is a vasectomy reversal? You also might be curious to know what your payment options are. You will be happy to know that we do have plenty of payment […]

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