Vasectomy Reversal Risks

Learn About Vasectomy Reversal Risks So You Can Have Peace of Mind

No matter what reason you may be considering a vasectomy reversal, one of the things weighing in on your decision may be vasectomy reversal risks. While there is little risk involved, there are a few things to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision on your future. Here are the risks to be aware of in a vasectomy reversal.

  • Minor Bruising. Bruising after a vasectomy reversal is almost always minor and doesn’t require any treatment. In rare cases a larger bruise may occur and while this may require further surgery, this is not something that usually happens and is only something you need to be aware of.
  • Infection. Infection is a scary word but in cases of vasectomy reversal if there is an infection typically it’s small and responds to antibiotics well.
  • Pain and Soreness. A sore area and a little pain is to be expected. Only in rare cases is this an infection but do keep in mind if you are experiencing more than usual to contact your doctor just in case. A red, inflamed area is reason to consult with Mr. Harriss and see if you need to come back in.

As long as you take care of yourself, get plenty of rest and follow Mr. Harriss’s orders for after care, you shouldn’t have to worry much over any complications, let alone major complications. Most are minor and can be treated successfully without more downtime.

If you are ready to contact us for a consultation or have more questions to set your mind at ease about the procedure, we’re here to help.

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