Is It Possible to Have A Vasectomy Reversal on the NHS?

nhsWe are asked regularly whether it is possible to have a reversal of vasectomy on the NHS so we wanted to find the latest information about this.  A few years ago, it was possible to have a vasectomy reversal on the NHS but then it was usual for it to be only available in extreme circumstances, for example, when there had been the death of a child in a family which was understandable. With all the cutbacks that are evident today, our extensive research to find whether it is possible still to have an NHS funded vasectomy reversal has identified nowhere that would be willing to pay for this surgery. The reality is that GPs need to obtain permission from their local Primary Care Team (PCT) to fund a vasectomy reversal. Funding decisions come from the Primary Care Team and their demands for care are greater than ever. The common thought is that as the vasectomy was a voluntary procedure in the first place, then it is not for the NHS to correct. The latestguidelines from the NHS:

PCTs have been given control over an increasing proportion of the NHS revenue budget over time and this is reflected in the formula which has three components:

(a) hospital and community health services (HCHS) – by far the largest component, accounting for 79% of the formula

(b) prescribing (the cost of drugs prescribed by GPs) primary medical services.

(c) primary medical services

NHS Consultant Urologists do not have the funding within their budgets to fund this specialist microsurgery either.

Therefore, it is left to the private medical sector to offer this facility which means that there is wide choice of clinics.  It is therefore very important that in paying for the cost of vasectomy reversal in the private sector, that a balance of expertise, previous experience and outcome is obtained in seeking the right surgeon.

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