Is A Vasectomy Reversible

Is A Vasectomy Reversible?

After a vasectomy, you and your partner may decide you still wish to conceive. The big question you may be asking yourself is, is a vasectomy reversible? In fact most vasectomies are reversible, depending on the exact procedure you had done and how long ago it was performed, your chances of conceiving after a vasectomy reversal are between 50-98%. Working with an experienced specialist who has handled many successful vasectomy reversals is vital to increasing your chances of conceiving after the procedure.

Women have many different options available to them for birth control, pills, IUDs, patches, etc., but men are forced to choose between only two; condoms or vasectomy. Since a vasectomy is a common and effective form of birth control, many men who no longer wish to conceive or never wish to conceive find vasectomy to be a perfect birth control option. Unfortunately, life happens and plans change. It is a comfort to know a vasovasectomy or vasectomy reversal allows couples the option to once again be able to conceive. The procedure is relatively common and has been performed for over one hundred years. Finding a trusted vasectomy reversal specialist is the key to your procedural success.

The reversal procedure consists of micro-surgically reconnecting the 2 vas deferens that were separated during the initial vasectomy procedure. Once these tubes are reconnected sperm can once again enter into semen, allowing for conception. The procedure takes approximately two hours and you are typically given a general anesthetic. Usually you will be required to stay overnight in the recovery center to ensure you are able to rest and fully recover from the anesthetic.

When considering a vasectomy reversal, choose Mr. Duncan Harriss of Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic in the UK. Mr. Harriss is the most trusted leading micro-surgical vasectomy reversal specialist; having performed successful vasectomy reversals on men all over the world for over 14 years. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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