How Much Does a Reverse Vasectomy Cost and Are There Extra Fees

14006189_sIf you are considering having your vasectomy reversed, other than questions about how it works you may be wondering how much does a reverse vasectomy cost and are there extra fees you should be aware of.

For whatever the reason you are thinking about a reverse vasectomy, unless you are extremely wealthy the cost is something that most people are concerned with. The good news is that the cost is all-inclusive and what this means is that the total you see is what you pay. There are no extra fees such as booking deposits, credit card fees, VAT chargeables or hidden costs that come as a surprise. The reverse vasectomy cost is fixed.

In fact, you are fully aware of the total price and what it covers which includes your accomodations and nursing care, the surgeon’s fees, the anaesthetist’s costs, your meeting with Mr Hariss in person, a three month semen analysis and best of all, any treatments that occur due to an unforseen complication such as an infection from a wound and this is for up to 28 days after your surgery.

The total cost is £2681 and for those from Europe the total euros are €3144. For our American visitors the total is $4082The price you see here is in its entirety and the only thing to be aware of is that these are the current prices so it’s always a good idea to look at our site or contact us if you are looking at scheduling at a later date in the year.

Not only do you get an upfront price, you get peace of mind that the entire job will be complete and your payment took care of every little detail from start to finish.

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