Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions that I and my team are asked every day. It is natural to want straight answers to help you make the decisions to move forward.

How Do I Know if You Are Who You Say You Are?
I list my surgical qualifications, and provide links to the GMC specialist register where you can look me up and see that the GMC have the identical surgical qualifications that I says I have. I am a consultant urological surgeon, employed by the NHS where my surgery is scrutinised consistently. If I am not fit to practice in the NHS, I am not able to practice privately. The logical point being that I will continue to behave, surgically, in the private sector in the same manner that I behavs in the NHS.

We know of another person purporting to be a vasectomy reversal specialist who is a GP, not a surgeon. A qualified surgeon carries the title of Mister, not Doctor. This change of title is because an individual has proven over a long training period (I trained in surgery for 15 years before being appointed a consultant in 1997) that they are competent and understand (in an intense level of detail) anatomy and physiology and the dynamic of surgery and management. I specialised further by completing my FRCS (Urol) exam which is a specialist exam so that I am registered as a specialist in urology surgery and management in great detail.

Surgical behaviour in the NHS is closely monitored and the GMC is kept informed of this. This ensures safe, surgical practice in the private sector.

How many vasectomy reversals do you perform?

On average I perform about 60-70 vasectomy reversals each month. I have just completed my 4000th vasectomy reversal. As with any surgical procedure, success rates are dependant on a surgeon’s experience and it is difficult to achieve the best results if only a few cases are performed each year.

Can all vasectomies be reversed?

In the majority of cases they can be. However, if the vasa deferentia have become blocked or damaged this means that effective joining cannot be done. Where ever possible, at least one tube will be reconnected which could still make you fertile. It is rare if I am not able to rejoin both sides.

Do I have to be selected for suitability for the operation?

No, this clinic is not a selective clinic. This means that I do not choose patients upon whether I feel that they are going to provide great results for the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic. Instead, people come to this Clinic because they know we, as a team, are good are what we do. If you want to have a vasectomy reversal, I can perform it for you.

Do I need a GP Referral?

I do not need a letter from your GP as having a vasectomy reversal is not going to influence any treatment that you may be having. It is also a self-pay procedure based on personal choice. My experience and similarly of my team is that in general, a GP can be a very good family doctor but provide poor and out of date advice when speaking about vasectomy reversals. In essence a GP is trained to say that a vasectomy is irreversible, and usually (very rarely is there an exception to this) the GP will say it is a waste of time.  Therefore, it is not necessary or helpful to include a GP in this process. Finally, people often attend their GP to find out how their vasectomy was performed and I don’t need advance notice of this either.

Does it matter whether I have a local or a general anaesthetic?

Yes, it does in my opinion. I only perform vasectomy reversals under a general anaesthetic because that produces the best environment for the specialist surgery required using the microscope. It also means that my anaesthetist can give more appropriate pain relief whilst under the general anaesthetic so that your recovery time is quicker. Also, the Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic is able to provide a general anaesthetic because it is based at the BMI Park Hospital which is a proper private hospital with 4 operating theatres, an ITU, a pharmacy and many other departments you’d expect to find in a fully operating hospital. I am not aware of any qualified surgeon performing microsurgical vasectomy reversals under a local anaesthetic.

Are sperm still produced?

Most men still produce sperm even though they have had a vasectomy. The sperm are reabsorbed into the body.

I’ve heard I may not be able to have a vasectomy reversal due to how my vasectomy was performed, can you help?

Yes, I have never had to turn a patient away due to how the original vasectomy was performed.

Some websites describe how the vasectomy reversal requires several layers of surgery, what do you do?

I use a single layer method and my results of regained fertility indicate how successful this method is.

Some clinics charge so much for a vasectomy reversal. Why are your charges less?

I’m not sure why. My charges are aimed at providing value for money compared to successful outcome for what I recognise is a very emotive procedure. My results and testimonials indicate that many people have successful outcomes, good service and have not had to overpay.

When can I have sex again?

As soon as you feel comfortable after the operation. It is best though to abstain from sexual intercourse for about two weeks to ensure adequate healing.

When will my partner become pregnant?

There are many factors that determine whether a woman becomes pregnant. However, a realistic period of time is about a year. Your sperm will be tested to see how fertile you are and to identify the likelihood of success. We have had some couple become pregnant within a month of the vasectomy reversal whereas others have taken longer.

What happens if the operation fails?

There are two main options to you if this happens. Either sperm can be taken directly from the testes through IVF treatment or you can consider donor insemination.

What if I have had a vasectomy reversal already which has not been successful, can I try again?

Yes, scar tissue can block a tube. It is certainly worth seeking further advice. It may be that with newer techniques, you may get a return to fertility.

Will I need any time off work afterwards?

It is best to try and arrange a week off work. If you have a physical job, then I suggest you have 2 weeks. I can help with issuing you with a sick certificate if appropriate.

Is there accommodation nearby so that my partner can stay?

Yes. But it may also be possible for us to arrange for her to stay in the hospital for an additional charge of £50. Just let us know when you book your reversal operation.