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Finding The Best Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon That You Can Afford

Although a vasectomy is a low-cost and simplistic procedure that is typically covered by most insurers, a vasectomy reversal is rarely covered, can be a complicated procedure which requires surgical expertise and often costs thousands of pounds out of pocket. All of these reasons highlight the importance of selecting the best vasectomy reversal surgeon that you can afford. By learning how to compare vasectomy reversal surgeons, boosting the chances of conception after surgery should be achievable.

Numbers Matter

When it comes to a vasectomy reversal, the statistics of a surgeon are your number one guide. Investigate numbers such as the conception rate after surgery, rate of complications as well as how many vasectomy reversals they perform per year. Another factor to consider is if they specialise in vasectomy reversal surgery or are a general surgeon.

Investigate Past Patient Testimonials

Although statistics do tend to speak for themselves, they don’t speak for the satisfaction of the patient. The only way to find that out is by looking into past patient testimonials. According to wikiHow, “A specialist surgeon should have a dedicated website to vasectomy reversals. If there aren’t any testimonials, ask yourself why aren’t there? There should also be an indication of whether the testimonials are up to date and there should be many of them. A good surgeon generates spontaneous testimonials. You are really looking at recommendations when you look at the testimonials so they are extremely valuable information.”

Avoid Waiting Lists

The longer someone waits after a vasectomy, the lower their chances of achieving conception. Although you may have found a great surgeon, if there waiting list is longer than six months then it might be a good idea to reconsider.

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