Vasectomy Reversal Success

Evaluating the Chances of Vasectomy Reversal Success

When it comes to something as sensitive and complex as a vasectomy reversal, evaluating your personal chances of vasectomy reversal success is essential. There are a number of factors which may determine your odds of undergoing a successful procedure, thus potentially being able to once again conceive a child. By learning how to investigate factors such as the success rate of your personal surgeon, your personal health and the amount of time since your vasectomy has been performed, determining the chances of a successful reversal should be achievable.

Investigate the Success Rates of Your Personal Surgeon

Many surgeons will often quote the success rates of vasectomy reversal found in a specific study conducted by surgeons who specialise in the procedure. Instead, ask what their personal success rate is for the procedure and then ask them to support their claims with documentation. In the world of surgery, there are often surgeons who have only performed a procedure a handful of times, but will still claim they can do the operation for you. When it comes to something as sensitive as a vasectomy reversal, avoid these surgeons at all costs.

The Longer you Wait to Have A Reversal, the Lower the Chances of Success

There are two reasons that time is a factor. Over time increased pressure from the sperm supply being produced may cause a blockage that leads to obstruction, inflammation and scarring. Also, since the sperm cells will be kept in isolation from the rest of the body, the immune system may lose its recognition of the cells, leading to an immune system attack after the reconnection. According to Web MD, “The chances of vasectomy reversal success depend on how much time has passed between the vasectomy and the reversal. Over time, additional blockages can form, and some men develop antibodies to their own sperm.”

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