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Correlating Diet and Sperm Health for an Increased Chance of Conception

When it comes to diet and sperm health, there is nothing more important for successful conception than a healthy diet. Many men who are told they are infertile by a doctor are simply not supporting the health of their sperm with a robust and nutritious diet. By learning more about the necessary dietary intake to support healthy sperm cells, naturally increasing your chances of conception should be achievable.

Antioxidants are Essential for Preventing Damage to Sperm DNA

Antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are basically highly charged electrons which have managed to escape the metabolic cycle before losing all of their energy. Antioxidants function to neutralise these free radicals, preventing the oxidative damage they can cause to sperm cells.

Ensuring Your Diet is Full of Antioxidants

Some excellent sources of antioxidants include grains, nuts, fish, fruits and vegetables as well as some meats. According to the Fertility and Health Center, ”

Obviously a healthy, balanced diet is the way to go at all stages of life. But there are a few foods believed to be especially good at helping make healthy, moving, high quality sperm, such as foods rich in:

  • Zinc – like oysters, whole grains and lean red meats
  • Vitamin C – strawberries, broccoli and kiwi fruit
  • Lycopene – tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit
  • Vitamin A – dairy foods, chicken, fish oils, eggs and liver”

Stay Hydrated On A Daily Basis

Staying hydrated is essential for the health of your sperm. Proper hydration helps your body eliminate toxins which can inhibit replication of sperm cells. Also, without enough hydration there simply isn’t enough seminal fluid to provide the necessary volume for sperm cells to be contained in.

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