Clinic Times

The Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic is located only at the BMI Park Hospital, Arnold, Nottingham by Mr Duncan Harriss, Consultant Urological Surgeon.

You do NOT need a GP to refer you to Mr Harriss for either a consultation or for your vasectomy reversal.

We ensure that the booking process is kept simple for your convenience. All the surgery dates available can be accessed online where you can also book the date you require.

Initial Consultations

These are not necessary, but they are available if you require to meet Mr Harriss beforehand. If you decide that you don’t need to come and see Mr Harriss especially, then you will certainly meet with him on the day of your surgery. In other words, the consultation with Mr Harriss can either take place beforehand on a separate day or on the day of surgery. The choice is yours.

The vasectomy reversal clinic times for initial consultations are held on: Tuesday Afternoons only. To arrange one of these please ring 0115 837 0300 and speak with Catherine or Bev. We can book your consultation for you, often within a week. The cost will be £200 paid via invoice at the time of booking the appointment. This is an additional cost to the fixed price of the vasectomy reversal (£2897).


Surgery (Operating List) Times

Overnight Stay Appointments

Mr Harriss has dedicated lists for vasectomy reversal operations every week. The great majority of people choose to come and see him and have their vasectomy reversal on the same day. They choose this option as it is time efficient. Operations always are held on the following days:

  • Monday afternoons
  • Wednesday evenings

Day Case Appointments

Occasionally other dates, such as Sundays are added to ensure that the waiting time for surgery is kept to a minimum or for those who prefer not to stay overnight. Just to clarify, you can stay overnight afterwards if you are having to drive yourself home but please do let us know.

Additional Information

Mr Harriss has never not been able to perform a vasectomy reversal due to the method of initial vasectomy so nobody has ever booked themselves in for the vasectomy reversal only to find that it wasn’t possible. Mr Harriss is a very skilled vasectomy reversal surgeon.

If you have applied for the BMI Payment Plan Card or are interested in doing so, you can still proceed to book the date that fits in with your life. From 5th December 2016, a deposit of £500 is required for all surgery appointments. If you plan to use the BMI Payment Plan card, then you can do so to fund the remainder of the cost (£2397).

Bookings can be made via this link. It is a reservations system so that you can see which dates are available. Please bear in mind that we also have other dates as Mr Harriss often has to set up additional operating lists so if you can’t find what you want, please ring us.

The dates available on the booking system are for meeting Mr Harriss and having your vasectomy reversal on the same day.