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It is possible to choose the date you want to meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal on the same day and reserve this date using the Booking System below. So you can book online now and ensure that you get the date you want – even if it is a few months away.

For those dependent upon making travel arrangements such as booking trains or flights, you can book your vasectomy reversal appointment and meeting with Mr Harriss (as one date) here knowing that the arrangements you pay for are secure, as the date you book is secured for you and nobody else can take your place.

The cost for a meeting with Mr Harriss and a vasectomy reversal on the same day is £2897.

All bookings need to be supported with a £500 deposit payable at the point of booking.

The majority of bookings are made using this booking system: you will receive an automated email from the software company initially when your booking has been completed.

It is a reservations system. Bev, Mr Harriss’s secretary or Catherine, Mr Harriss’s PA will ALWAYS contact you to confirm the details via email within a day where-ever possible.

Due to COVID, we no longer have regular lists and any lists we have are being offered to those who have contacted us prior to October 16th 2020.

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What If You Want To Meet Mr Harriss First, To Return Later?

You can meet Mr Harriss for a separate consultation if you prefer and you are more than welcome to do so. To arrange this, please ring 0115 837 0300. The cost for this consultation will be £200 and is additional to the cost of the vasectomy reversal. Payment is due at the time of booking the appointment.