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Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic run by Duncan Harriss is on of the leading vasectomy reversal clinics in the UK assisting hundreds of men every year to gain their fertility. Information about the clinic, about having a microsurgical vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss, his success rates, costs and results can be found here on his website, on the clinic facebook page, via Twitter and on our Google+ page.

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Can A Vasectomy Be Reversed

How Can A Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Many men decide to get a vasectomy when they are young due to being unable to afford the cost of having a child or simply because they prefer to avoid the situation until later in life. However, this leaves many men (and their female partners) asking the question, “can a vasectomy be reversed?” A vasectomy […]

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Improve Fertility

Steps to Improve Fertility in Females

Since women are the gender responsible for the development of a child during pregnancy, it makes sense to start with the female gender when a couple wish to improve fertility. Improving the chances of conception require personal lifestyle and diet changes. By learning about these changes and how to implement them, increasing fertility should be achievable […]

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Improve Sperm Health

Strategies to Improve Sperm Health

Few aspects are more important for conception than the health of a male’s sperm. With how small the odds of conception are with healthy and motile sperm, sperm which are not at their top level of performance can exponentially decrease the time it takes for the process of conception to occur. Avoid Environmental Toxins At […]

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Can The Snip Be Reversed

Can The Snip Be Reversed? Older Patients Want To Know

Many of the men we talk to at Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic ask, can the snip be reversed? Regardless of their age. Perhaps you’ve been wondering the same thing, you just weren’t sure where to turn in order to find the answer. While age does play a factor in fertility, and how successful your vasectomy reversal […]

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Improve Your Fertility

How to Improve Your Fertility!

When it comes to improving your fertility, keeping your sperm healthy and swimming are what really matters. First, you should see a doctor. They can tell you how healthy your sperm are, and if you have any genetic mutations that could lead to having abnormal function in the reproductive area. These could range from sexually transmitted […]

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Vasectomy Reversals

Media Reports Vasectomy Reversals Are Gaining In Popularity

Whether making the choice for their vasectomy reversals because they simply changed their minds, or because they ended up getting remarried and want more children, every man has his own reasons for choosing a vasectomy reversal. One man was thrilled to find out his new wife was pregnant. The news came following his vasectomy reversal surgery, and […]

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Vasectomy Reversal Risks

Learn About Vasectomy Reversal Risks So You Can Have Peace of Mind

No matter what reason you may be considering a vasectomy reversal, one of the things weighing in on your decision may be vasectomy reversal risks. While there is little risk involved, there are a few things to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision on your future. Here are the risks to […]

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Is A Vasectomy Reversible

Is A Vasectomy Reversible?

After a vasectomy, you and your partner may decide you still wish to conceive. The big question you may be asking yourself is, is a vasectomy reversible? In fact most vasectomies are reversible, depending on the exact procedure you had done and how long ago it was performed, your chances of conceiving after a vasectomy […]

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can a vasectomy be reversed

You May Never Have Thought You’d be Asking the Question: “Can a Vasectomy be Reversed?”

Many men come to us each year in search of an answer to this very important question. After all, vasectomy is known as the ultimate birth control, right? If you are wondering, can a vasectomy be reversed, in most cases the answer is yes. You may have thought that your child fathering days were over, and […]

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Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal

Wondering About Your Partner Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal?

If you have had second thoughts about starting a family, you may be wondering about your partner getting pregnant after vasectomy reversal and the odds of it happening. Fortunately, the odds are in your favour and you don’t have to worry any longer because Mr Duncan Harriss and the professionals at Your Vasectomy Reversal UK Clinic have […]

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