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Your Vasectomy Reversal Clinic run by Duncan Harriss is on of the leading vasectomy reversal clinics in the UK assisting hundreds of men every year to gain their fertility. Information about the clinic, about having a microsurgical vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss, his success rates, costs and results can be found here on his website, on the clinic facebook page, via Twitter and on our Google+ page.

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Improve Fertility

Simple Changes to Your Diet Can Improve Fertility

Couples who have undergone a vasectomy reversal are wise to follow up by taking steps to improve fertility. Ability to conceive is closely correlated with general health and well-being. Of course, one of the most reliable ways to improve health is by choosing good nutrition. Sometimes news reports about food are confusing, but making some simple changes […]

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Can the Snip be Reversed

Answering the Question, “Can the Snip be Reversed?”

A vasectomy is often thought of as a permanent method of male birth control due to the fact that it disconnects the vas deferens from each of the testicles, preventing sperm from being released into the male ejaculate. However, this procedure is not necessarily permanent, as long as what is known as a vasectomy reversal […]

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Improve Fertility

Ways to Improve Fertility for Both Men and Women

Since conception is a process that relies on the fertility of both partners, it is important that both individuals work on actions which may improve fertility. Protect the Groin Area from Heat in Males Excessive heat exposure around the testes can affect the production of sperm. Avoid engaging in daily hot tub exposure or placing a […]

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Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal

Weighing the Chances of Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal

The longer the period of time waited after a vasectomy, the lower the respective chances of getting pregnant after vasectomy reversal. However, there are a number of factors that go into this equation. Through learning how to evaluate the chances of achieving pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal based on factors such as the amount of time […]

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Vasectomy Reversal Success

Evaluating the Chances of Vasectomy Reversal Success

When it comes to something as sensitive and complex as a vasectomy reversal, evaluating your personal chances of vasectomy reversal success is essential. There are a number of factors which may determine your odds of undergoing a successful procedure, thus potentially being able to once again conceive a child. By learning how to investigate factors such as […]

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Improve Sperm Health

Strategies to Improve Sperm Health for Increased Chances of Conception

Sperm health is an essential aspect when it comes to conception. Reduced sperm health can cause a lower sperm count and lower the chances of sperm reaching the egg, making conception longer and reducing the possibility of causing fertilisation during the brief available window during the menstrual cycle. By learning how to improve sperm health through actions […]

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Vasectomy Reversals

Dispelling the Myths Around Vasectomy Reversals

There are many reasons why men decide to undergo a vasectomy procedure. Yet there may come a time when an individual has a change of heart and wishes to again be able to conceive. When a reversal procedure becomes a real consideration, many individuals want solid, dependable information in order to make the best decision. […]

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Diet and Sperm Health

The Right Diet and Sperm Health

There is so much to think about when considering a vasectomy reversal for the purpose of wanting to have children.  The procedure itself and the doctor you choose, of course, is key.  As is the recovery time.  But did you also know that what you eat after your vasectomy reversal can also impact your reproductive […]

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Vasectomy Reversal Success Factors

Vasectomy Reversal Success Factors To Be Aware Of

There are a number of reasons you may be considering a vasectomy reversal. Perhaps you’ve found someone new in your life that wants children or maybe you have had second thoughts and simply want to change your mind. No matter what your reason, there are a number of vasectomy reversal success factors to be aware of so […]

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Vasectomy Reversal Success rates

Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Many of the patients who come through our doors, do so with a little bit of trepidation. We understand their fears because we’ve worked with so many patients, and they all expressed similar concerns before they decided to have vasectomy reversal surgery. Concerns like: What if this doesn’t work? What if we get our hopes […]

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