After The Reversal

After The Vasectomy Reversal Operation – Some Guidance

after the vasectomy reversalAfter the vasectomy reversal operation performed by Mr Harriss, you will be discharged the following day and painkillers such as paracetamol should be sufficient. On average the operation takes about 2 hours and as you have a general anaesthetic, you will be allowed time to recover. Sometimes, patients can feel nauseous as a result of the anaesthetic. However, this can wear off over a short period of time.


Going Home Time

Monday and Wednesday Lists You will stay in overnight after the vasectomy reversal so that you can be monitored and allow the anaesthetic to wear off. You will be free to leave the hospital around 9-10am. Sunday Lists You will be allowed home later in the day, around 5pm.

Time Off Work

It is important to take the week off work and spend most of the time resting. We encourage our patients to re-aquaint themselves with their sofa. We understand that many of you might need to be in contact with work and so after a couple of days, there is no reason why you can’t take phonecalls and answer emails if you feel up to it but you do need to rest at home during this first week. Supportive underpants or a jockstrap should be worn also during this time. During this week, the wound should be kept clean with daily baths.

The 3 Rules of Recovery for the 2 Weeks After Your Vasectomy Reversal – Important!

We have a simple approach to helping you have an un-eventful recovery after your vasectomy reversal. If you follow the three rules below, you will be helping yourself as much as you can:

  • No lifting: this is really important to allow the internal stitches to heal. These are finer than a human hair and need to be allowed to do their job. Lifting during the first 2 weeks can put pressure on these stitches and they could break. If you have manual job, you will need 2 weeks at home to recover. Mr Harriss can help you with a sick certificate if required.
  • No sport or Gym: many of the activities here could also put pressure on the stitches so please abstain for the full 2 weeks. These activites can be re-introduced if you feel well enough and at least 2 weeks after the operation. Please also abstain from walking long distances. Rest is really important.
  •  No Intercourse: please abstain from intercourse during the first 2 weeks. This is for the only reason that you need to do everything you can to allow healing to take place. Once the 2 week period is over, and you feel comfortable then you can resume  intercourse.


Swimming & Holidays

We have had many questions about whether swimming is possible. The answer is that if you plan to swim either at home or on holiday in a pool with chlorine after the reversal, then Mr Harriss would advise that you wait 4 – 6 weeks to allow the wound to heal thoroughly. This is because chlorine is very irritant and can have an adverse effect on the wound. It is also advised that you wait 4 weeks or so before swimming in the sea for similar reasons. Although salt water can be beneficial, it is not often clear about the level of pollution which could have negative implications. Not wishing to change your recovery plans, but it is important that you appreciate that excessive heat can encourage bacteria to grow, and this would increase the chance of a wound infection. So please deter from having a holiday in the sun within 4 weeks of your vasectomy reversal operation otherwise you could find yourself sitting inside in the air-conditioning whilst your partner enjoys the sun and the pool!

Other Holidays such as Sightseeing and Walking Holidays

We have been asked about sightseeing trips and walking holidays immediately after your vasectomy reversal. We really understand that for some, time away from work is very precious or it may be that you are travelling here from abroad and want to make the most of your time here seeing some of the best of Britain. However, walking around for hours at a time is very removed from our suggestion to re-aquiant yourself with your sofa and this is why we would say “please think again” to a walking holiday within the first two weeks or any activity where you would be on your feet and walking around for periods of time. You will have paid precious money to have this surgery so the best you can do is to let your body heal, peacefully.

Possible Complications

Mild complications can occur after the vasectomy reversal. Some minor bruising is common and does not need treatment. Occasionally, a large bruise (haematoma) develops in the scrotum which can require further surgery but this is very rare. Infections can occur as this is a sweaty part of the body. They are usually superficial and respond to antibiotics. Look out for an increase in pain and soreness as the area becomes red and inflamed. If this were to happen, you should contact your surgeon. Please take time to look at our Post Op Vasectomy Reversal advice which you can also download for your convenience. We also now have a dedicated site for after your vasectomy reversal which is a resource of useful information for you.

“You all treated my husband with so much care and support.  He is now home recovering from his procedure which was done in the beginning of January and is coming on really good.  Mr Harriss was so kind and helpful and the staff so caring.  Thank you for making our stay a pleasure.”