About Mr Harriss

Mr. Duncan Harriss of the Castle Consulting Centre, NottinghamMr Duncan Harriss performs between 40 and 50 vasectomy reversals each month. He is an expert microsurgical vasectomy reversal surgeon. Men attend Mr Harriss’ Vasectomy Reversal Clinic from all over the UK, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Couples decide they want Mr Harriss to perform their vasectomy reversal because they want a fully qualified surgeon who has up to date results to prove that he does what he says he does.

As a surgeon (a “Mister” not a “Doctor”) at one of the busiest vasectomy reversal clinics in the UK, Gaby Roslin for Radio 5 Live has interviewed Mr Harriss. He has also been interviewed by many national papers: The Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent and The Mirror.

Mr Duncan Harriss is a Consultant Urological Surgeon based at a major teaching hospital in Nottingham with an international reputation.  He was appointed in August 1997 at the City Hospital, Nottingham, UK.

He has encountered all manner of vasectomy and has never not been able to perform a vasectomy reversal due to the method of the original vasectomy.

He provides a non-selective service where people have total confidence in his abilities to perform the best vasectomy reversal surgery due to his wealth of experience.

He has never charged for and then not performed a vasectomy reversal which does happen at other clinics.

He provides a non-judgemental service: has no opinions on the reasons why you seek a reversal.

He provides an ethical service based on verifiable data, true testimonials and honest results.

He is the only vasectomy reversal surgeon to publish his results in real time which he does on Facebook.

Mr Duncan Harriss’s qualifications are:

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) London
  • FRCS (Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons). Royal College of Surgeons, London
  • Doctor of Medicine (DM). University of Nottingham.
  • FRCS (Urol), Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons, Urology. Royal College of Surgeons, London.

He is also a keen and good golfer, enthusiastic skier and proud father of two children.