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4 Good Reasons To Read Vasectomy Reversal Testimonials

Mr Harriss has received many testimonials over the years of performing micro-surgical vasectomy reversals. Many people that approach our centre are concerned about their chances of success, we provide a wealth of testimonials to give examples of our patient’s success stories. They have all been written from people who wanted to say thank you, none were asked to be written.

1. They Tell The truth

Testimonials give a valuable insight into the outcome of surgery. Despite high success rates, testimonials are the nearest thing to speaking directly to an individual about their experience. They are a valuable insight into their views about the care they received and their outcomes.

2. A Clearer Idea Of The Surgeon

Often in the testimonial, the writer will give their opinion about the surgeon and this can provide illuminating help as to how the surgeon has been towards previous couples. A successful surgeon will be a good listener, explainer and be able to understand all the various issues.

3. The Full Story

They should show the full letter or email, with only identifying details being removed. This shows that the clinic has nothing to hide. In some cases, the testimonials are added with all the grammatical errors and this is how it should be.

4. The Date Of Each Testimonial

This is really important and should be in date order. If the only testimonials are a few years old, then there should be a concern about the validity of what else is being said. Testimonials should reflect the success rates of the surgeon and should be comparative in number.

So vasectomy reversal testimonials are a vital aspect of your research when considering a surgeon. We have much information on our site providing you with everything you need to know in order to feel comfortable going ahead with the reversal. And of course, if you have any queries or concerns, you con contact us and we will happily answer them all.



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