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3 Tips to Improve Sperm Health and Sperm Count

When trying to improve sperm health, there are some basic steps to follow. Men need an effective, yet set way to increase the count and health of their sperm that is proven. Surgery or other invasive procedures is typically not a man’s first choice. Below are some ways for improving the health of your sperm without any harsh treatments.

Avoid Overheating

To enhance sperm quality and increase sperm count, things like exercising too much and long periods of sitting should be avoided, since these things can decrease sperm viability by heating up the testicles. Sperm quality can be damaged simply by driving for long hours. Although the scrotum does a good job of protecting the testicles from rising and lower temperatures, avoiding things that can overheat them such as saunas and hot baths is a good idea; or at least minimize their use. If you are exposed to overheated temperatures for too long, it can impair fertility.

Vitamin C

The proper diet and ingredients can produce healthy sperm. Vitamin C has helped in the production of healthy, active sperm. It has also been said that it leads to increased oxygen levels in the body as well.

Improved Diet

Certain foods have been known to help with the enhancement of quality and volume of sperm. Your seminal health can benefit from foods rich in zinc. These types of foods include red meat, oysters, beans, nuts, etc. Celery, dairy, poultry products and pumpkin seeds are other foods that are beneficial. Also, consuming Omega 3 or other essential fatty acids in your diet is helpful too. These ensure increased seminal fluid and enhanced testosterone production. Sardines, salmon and mackerels are a good source of EFA’s.

Men do not have to suffer with poor semen quality.  By following the tips above and consulting with your doctor, you can improve sperm health significantly and naturally without the use of harsh medicines, surgery and therapy.  For more information on increasing the quality of your sperm, please contact us.

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